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304, 2019

Meningococcal update

Meningococcal update: what you need to know about recent changes
The Federal Government recently announced a new national program to vaccinate teenagers aged 14 to 19 against Meningococcal A, C, W and Y. Over the next […]

2602, 2019

What you should know about dementia

Everything you need to know about dementia
With Dementia Australia’s annual Memory Walk and Jog coming up, Dr Bill Walker provides an overview of what dementia is. Melbourne’s Memory Walk and Jog will be held on […]

2502, 2019

Mental Health and Well being Talks

Dr Susan Barnett together with her family therapist & counselor colleague Dagmar Marek, are now conducting regular monthly talks at Bluff Road Medical offering clients strategies promoting wellness and better mental health. They will occur on the First […]

3001, 2019

Altitude Sickness

Tips for travelling in high places
Before travelling overseas, it’s important to get any required vaccinations, organise travel health insurance, and research any health risks specific to your destination. With many of the world’s most incredible […]