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2507, 2019

Meet Dr Jason Lam

Our sister clinic, Bluff Road Medical Centre, recently welcomed a new doctor to the practice, Dr Jason Lam. In this article, we discover who Jason is and why he is a man of many talents. [...]

1807, 2019

Dr Jane Foley – Our new GP Registrar

We welcome Dr Jane Foley, our new GP Registrar. She is passionate about all aspects of General Practice with special interests in women’s health. She has a holistic approach to her work with appreciation of [...]

507, 2019

How to improve your gut health

How to improve your gut health The human body contains around 40 trillion bacteria, many of which reside inside the intestines. These bacteria play an important role in your overall health and well being. Dietary [...]

2205, 2019

How to manage stress

How to manage stress In today’s busy world, it’s not uncommon for people to feel stressed. If left unchecked, stress can lead to a variety of health concerns, including anxiety and depression. In this article, [...]