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It is an indisputable fact that an individual receives better health care from a primary care doctor. Why? A physician who knows a great deal about your history is a real benefit. For instance, they know about your diet, how much you exercise, if you smoke, and many other things about you. All these factors play a major role in how a doctor decides to treat you. Having a relationship with a doctor or with a group of doctors in a practice helps them better understand the risks and benefits of any treatment they may prescribe for you.

When you want to discover a practice with a medical clinic near Mentone, come and visit us at Bayside Family Medical. We’ve been working in this area for 35 years, and our experienced and professional team are just the kind of physicians you been hoping to find. When you want to establish that kind of relationship with a practice that will lead to the health benefits that come from a trusted source you should visit us today.

An established medical centre near Mentone

We are an established Mentone medical clinic that has serviced the area and its residents for a long time. We care about their wellbeing and as such, we now cover two important problems that many Australians face:  travel medicine and skin cancer.

In a country as sunny as Australia, skin cancer it is a real concern. That’s why it’s important to work with your physician to recognise the signs of skin cancer, particularly if you’re older and have a long history of being out in the sun. When visiting our medical centre near Mentone, if your doctor detects a growth that could lead to skin cancer he or she will be in the best position of knowing what’s the right treatment and care.

They can tell you what type of skin cancer it is (and if it has the potential of being malignant), how far it’s grown or spread and how you should treat it. Often it involves a simple surgery to remove the growth and then regular check-ups to make sure it has not returned. For most people, this simple surgery is the only treatment that they will require. Your doctor can also “freeze” pre-cancerous grows on your face or neck using liquid nitrogen—destroying any abnormal cells.

BFM is a practice you can grow with

Our team of established and professional physicians look forward to creating a personal relationship with all our clients, one that can grow over the years and encompass any new additions. Our Mentone medical clinic and its staff know how important it is that you trust your primary care physician and we aim to give you the best quality treatment available. All our doctors receive regular professional training to make sure they stay on top of all the latest developments in medicine.

When you’re looking for an established, professional medical clinic near Mentone that you can trust for general care, as well as special needs in skin cancer or travel medicine, come and visit us today. We guarantee you will be happy you did.