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One of the most important relationships you can have in your life outside of your family is with your doctor. So much of our lives depends on our health, and working with a doctor that you trust is one of the most important factors in maintaining you and your family’s well-being. Whether you’re going to your family clinic in Mentone for yearly check-ups, routine visits when you’re older to check on possible conditions like skin cancer, or when you just need to talk to your doctor about a concern, it’s so important to have a familiar relationship and historical data to rely on that only years of visits can build up.

When you want to find a family doctor in Mentone, one that has been operating in the Bayside area for almost 35 years, you should visit Bayside Family Medical. We are a general practice that can treat you and all your family members with the best possible care. Our experienced practitioners continually take professional development to stay in step with all the latest updates in healthcare. We particularly focus on the areas of skin cancer and travel medicine. When you need a family GP in Mentone, stop by and see us.

Visit our family clinic in Mentone

There are numerous benefits of having a family GP in Mentone. They can treat you over your lifespan. It’s not unusual for a GP to know you in your teens, your 20s, your 30s and even older. Perhaps they even treated your parents at some time. Knowing your family GP over the years, even decades, means that they know your family’s health history. That helps them recognise when things might not be okay and prescribe treatments and medications that are more appropriate, based on the medical history they know so well.

When a GP treats generations of the same family, this can also help them understand how disease may affect you. If the GP knows, for instance, that your family has a history of heart trouble, he or she will be on the lookout for similar signs in you. Often, they can prescribe medications in advance will help prevent the problem.

Primary care physicians like a family GP are the backbone of the medical system. When a community has access to a family clinic in Mentone, it lowers the overall cost of healthcare for the entire community, reduces emergency room visits and even surgeries. That’s because a family GP helps catch things in advance that could become a more serious condition if left unattended.

A strong family practice

Our goal is to make all our patients feel comfortable and welcome while receiving excellent medical care from experienced professionals. Our team of doctors has experience in dealing with a wide variety of illnesses and concerns. Our physicians work as a team with you and your family to make sure that your health is the very best it can be.

When you’re looking for a solid, established family practice, with experience in treating skin cancer and administering travel medicine, visit our family clinic near Mentone today.